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Westinghouse Explorer Series WH2400i Digital Inverter Generator

$ 599.00

Producing 2400 starting watts and 2100 running watts of power and weighing in at only 43 lbs., this 4 cycle, gasoline powered generator will run 13 hours at 50% load. This unit provides two,120V, AC outlets, dual USB ports and contains all you need to get started including the oil. The WH2400i is very quiet making it the perfect companion for all your recreational needs. 

• Runs 40% longer than the industry average
• 17% lighter than industry average
• 12% quieter than industry average
• 8 fewer pulls to start than the industry average
• Highest output per displacement and coolest running
• Simple Parallel Capability

When you are ready to go camping, tailgating or just need a reliable portable power supply, the Westinghouse WH2400i provides efficient, quiet and clean energy for all your sensitive electronic needs - while offering parallel capabilities.

Digital inverter generators work by generating AC (alternating current) power at a high frequency. It is then converted to DC (direct current), then back to alternating current that can be used by electronic equipment and appliances. This process is often called "clean power" which means stable and consistent voltage/frequency and a stable sine wave delivery. This will not cause a fluctuation in frequency which happens with traditional generators. Uncontrolled fluctuations of power are very dangerous to many high-tech and sensitive electronics such as computers. Inverter generators are a perfect fit for recreational use and emergency backup power.

The engine speed of inverter generators is regulated to match the load on the generator, unlike traditional generators that run at a constant speed with no variation to engine speed. Inverter generators have the ability to adjust engine speed to produce the correct amount of power required to run the appliances being used. Inverter generators are more fuel efficient and make less noise and vibration than traditional generators. This makes inverter generators economical to operate and environmentally friendly.


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