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Hercules WAE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

$ 104.99

The BTP03 provides accurate sound quality, lifelike bass response plus realistic mid-range and treble performance.  Thanks to its compact size and excellent battery life, the BTP03 can go everywhere: in every room at home, on weekend getaways or even on your next vacation or adventure!  This speaker can stream nearly 15 hours of music from your phone, tablet or any other bluetooth device (at 80% volume).


Stream the music stored on all your devices featuring the Bluetooth wireless technology.  It's simply, it's compact... it's just what you've been waiting for!  Enable the Bluetooth function on your smartphone, and the BTP03 connects to it seamlessly.  When you're with friends, connect 2 phones at the same time and switch from one to the other in just a few seconds.


The BTP03 speaker features Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology.  Move it around your home without ever missing a beat of your favorite songs.  Thanks to its built in mic, it also includes a hands-free calling function: take a call, and then pick up listening to your music right where you left off.  It couldn't be easier!  Connect the BTP03 to your hi-fi system and stream the music from your phone or tablet.

Battery Life

The BTP03 is powered by a battery providing more than 14 hours of playback time at 80% volume.  The BTP03 will follow you anywhere you go!


Boasting a very compact size (only 23.5 cm long), the BTP03 enables you to take your music with you everywhere - ideal for close-range, instant and ultra-simple listening.


Despite its compact size, the BTP03 - a single unit 2.0 system - provides ample output power, along with highly accurate sound quality: enjoy lifelike bass response plus realistic mid-range and treble performance.  And for even more output power, you can connect multiple BTP03 speakers to one another for joint playback.

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