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GoSun ProPack Solar Portable Oven

$ 359.00

The GoSun Sport Pro Pack includes everything you get with the Original GoSun Sport, plus Padded Carrying Case, an extra Cooking Tray and Spoon.

The GoSun Sport Pro Pack contains a GoSun Sport and everything you need to make full use of it, including Padded Carrying Case for secure travels, an extra Cooking Tray for prepping your next dish, and a serving Spork, custom sized for the tubular cooking tray.

The Sport’s compound parabolic reflectors and tubular design converts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s refectories into useable heat. 

The standard package includes a durable borosilicate, evacuated glass tube cooking chamber, two foldable parabolic reflectors that protect the tube like a clamshell, a stainless steel cooking tray with handle for getting food in and out, a rugged cleaning scrubby (attaches to the end of the tray, to double as cleaning tool), and a carrying handle that unfolds to become a set of support legs, which can be used to adjust the tube to face the sun in any position along two axis’.

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