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Camco Power Grip Security Cable

$ 26.99

The Camco Power Grip Cable Lock allows you to power cables with handles to the power box to help prevent theft. You can also lock handled cables together. Use with Camco’s Powergrip Dog bones, power cords, Power Defenders or other brand handled power cables. The Power Grip Cable Lock features a 60-inch long braided steel wire rope with a durable vinyl coating. The lock head end has a retractable key hole cover and securely locks onto the locking pin. The other end of the Power Grip Cable Lock is looped. To use the Cable Lock, remove the lock head with the key. Pull the cable through the handle(s) of the power cable, and then around the power box as many times as possible. Put the end through the loop, and reattach the lock head to secure the Cable Lock. See photos. When you are done, remove the lock head with the key and unwrap the cable. The Camco Power Grip Cable Lock is weather resistant and comes with two keys.

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