Holiday Gifts For Kids

There’s not much kids love more than the holiday and Christmas season; the decorations, the bright lights, the festive cheer, and yes, the gifts. If you have a little one on your gift list, RV Supply Shop has some great ideas for you.

Take a look at some of our favorite gifts for kids.


Coloring Book


Many adults have joined the coloring book craze, but we still think it’s great for children. The Color Me Happy Camper Coloring Book is a super fun activity for kids in RV families. Not only is this coloring book wonderful to have for home entertainment, it’s fantastic to keep in a travel trailer for those long days on the road. When you give this activity book to a child on your list, you’re sure to please the youngster – and the parents!



Camper Onesie


Perhaps there’s a pair of new parents on your list this year. If so, and if they’re road warriors, we imagine their new baby will be too. The Happy Camper Baby Onesie is an adorable addition to baby’s wardrobe and will showcase the family’s lifestyle. With a graphic print of a travel trailer and the words “Happy Camper,” this baby one piece is easy to slip on and off, making it perfect for parents on the road.



Happy Camper Backpack


For the child who is of school age, the Happy Camper Kids Bear Applique Backpack will be a huge hit! This unique colorful bag is the perfect present for any youngster who’s all about the outdoor life and wants to show it off at school. With the words “Happy Camper” across the top and a cute picture of a bear wearing a backpack, this camper’s backpack can be used for school supplies like pencils and books, or even out on a family camping trip.



Happy Camper Bib


RVing parents will appreciate The Happy Camper Retro Inspired Girls Bib not only for it’s easy-to-clean material, but because it’s just so darn cute. The unique color combination adds to the adorable striped pattern, making this a super cute baby bib. On the front are the words “Happy Camper” and a pink flowered travel trailer with the door open, welcoming everyone. And don’t worry about baby making a mess; this camper bib is easy to wash, so that it can be ready for every meal at home or on the road.



Glamping PJ Set


For the little girl who hits the road with her parents, but prefers the comforts of home, the Kids Glamping Classic Pajama Set makes a great gift option. This long sleeve top and elastic waist long pants set has an adorable camping pattern of trailers, trees, BBQs and more and features elastic cuffs to keep her warm whether she’s in her own bed or in a sleeping bag. The two-tone pink PJ set is cozy and comfortable – sure to bring sweet dreams to your favorite little girl.



Camping PJ Set


If the child on your list prefers roughing-it camping to fancy-pants glamping, then this Kids Camping Pajama Set is the perfect fit. The long sleeve shirt is has cuffs to keep the youngster warm. The pants feature bottom cuffs and an elastic waist for supreme comfort and warmth. These kid’s jammies have “Happy Camper” on the front with a bear and a moose roasting marshmallows over a campfire.



Glamping Journal


Young girls often enjoy writing down their experiences and feelings in a notebook. If you know a youngster who goes on the road with mom and dad, then the Kid’s Camping Notebook might be the perfect gift. Each notebook in this 4-pack of journals features 120 lined sheets, perfect for writing down things she has seen or adventures she’s had while traveling. This camping notebook is also fun to use at school for note taking – so she will always be reminded that a camping trip is just around the corner!



Dish Set


A perfect gift for toddlers, the Camp Casual Childrens Melamine Dish Set is a 5-piece set that includes a 3-part dinner plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork. With an adorable print of a travel trailer, along with bears roasting marshmallows over a campfire, a bear fishing, and even colorful little owls, this set is made of break-resistant melamine, making it ideal for little hands both home and in the RV.



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